No audio is present or it is not clear

1.    Unplug the power cable for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

2.    Make sure the volume level is sufficiently high on your receiver and TV. Press the MUTE/VOLUME button on your receiver’s Remote Control Unit or TV set’s Remote Control Unit to turn the volume up.

3.    Try to select another channel and go back to the original one.

4.    Check the connection cables between the receiver and the TV set or Hi-Fi.

5.    Check, if you have switched the Dolby Digital Receiver option ON in the LANGUAGE OPTIONS screen, but your external digital surround sound receiver is switched off.

6.    Try to restore default settings:
Menu> Installation> Factory Reset> Yes.

7.    Test audio on a different device.

Audio is present from one of the speakers only

1.    Unplug & plug the power cable.

2.    Check whether the cables are connected correctly between your TV set (or Hi–Fi) and the receiver (right & left audio outputs, SCART or HDMI or S/PDIF).

3.    Reconnect and hand–tighten the cables.

4.    Check the TV set for faulty speakers.

5.    Be sure wires are not frayed and plugs are not bent or broken.

I cannot get the surround sound

1.    Make sure that the program you are watching is broadcast in DOLBY SURROUND mode, indicated by the  icon

2.    Check your SPDIF audio cable is well connected between you receiver and the Home Cinema central unit’

3.    Check in the System Settings that you have selected the surround sound audio option.  are connected correctly between your TV set (or Hi–Fi)