How can I upgrade my i-CAN 3820T receiver?

To upgrade your 3820T receiver (and only this one), just follow these quick steps:

  • STEP 1: Check if the SW version declared in Menu> Installation> Diagnostics> System Info> Software versionis equal to the one declared in Software Update tab of current page of the website. If not, download theupdate file to an USB key without changing the name of the file.
  • STEP 2: While in normal operation mode (watching TV), plug the USB key into the USB connector located on the rear panel of your receiver.
  • STEP 3: STB will display a popup asking if you agree to upgrade the software. Please press “OK” and the software upgrade operation will run automatically.
  • STEP 4: Once software upgrade operation is completed and the STB reboots to normal operation, a “what’s new” message will appear. Then you can unplug the USB key and enjoy your favorite programs, or leave it plugged to take advantage of the Pause TV feature.