My receiver is frozen on one channel, the LED blinks when pressing a button of the remote control but nothing happens

Try the following procedure on the remote control:

1.    Remove batteries

2.    Press the buttons repeatedly to ensure no buttons are stuck down.

3.    Leave the remote control for a couple of minutes

4.    Insert the batteries again and retry

If that fails, try cycling the power as follows:

5.    Remove power feed to the receiver for 30 seconds

6.    Plug it back to the receiver

7.    Switch the receiver on

8.    Try again.

My receiver is not tuning some channels or channels are displayed with pixellation or interruptions

1.    Verify the signal coverage in your area on one of the available websites such as the one on Freeview’s own website:

2.    Most aerials are able to receive Freeview signals.  However, some older aerials may not pick up all channels.  If you are in any doubt please check with a competent aerial installer.

3.    To properly receive the signal, we recommend you to use an outdoor roof top antenna.

4.    If you are using a directional antenna, make sure it is pointing towards a digital TV transmitter and positioned correctly.

5.    Check that the antenna cable is connected correctly and verify the status of cables and plugs to make sure none of them is bent/damaged. If you have the possibility, try to connect the receiver to another antenna socket (then rescan channels).

6.    Make sure that the broadcasting frequency has not been changed by retuning the decoder again as described in the instructions which came with the set-top box.

I cannot hear the audio

1.    Check the connectors between you decoder and the TV set (or Stereo)

2.    Press the Mute button on STB RCU and TV to make sure the sound is not switched off

3.    Press Vol+ on TV/HomeTheater and STB to make sure the volume level is properly set

4.    Try to unplug the power cable of the decoder

5.    Try to restore default settings: Menu> Installation> Factory Settings> Yes [default PIN: 1234]

Will this product take over my TV’s remote?

The i-CAN Easy HD comes with a universal remote that you can program to take over your TV remote. You can find the codes to program your remote control clicking on the below link:

 full electronic user manual

The remote control is provided as a convenience, you may of course continue to use your TV remote control as before.

I have just received this box and wish to know if I can access the internet with a usb wireless dongle, Also what exact SPDIF cable do I require for an audio connection. Regards: John. ( one of the older generation )

The i-CAN Easy HD supports internet directly via a standard Ethernet cable. You may also use any standard equipment that converts Ethernet into wireless Ethernet (for example a wireless gaming adapter, or a pair of powerline adapters). You can purchase this equipment in most stores which sell computers.You need a standard optical SPDIF cable. You do not need one of the long optical adapters sometimes used in personal electronics.

How do I turn subtitles ON/OFF?

You have two ways to turn subtitles ON/OFF:


Press the OPTIONS button, select SUBTITLES and indicate your preference using the righ/left arrow buttons, then press the OK button.


Press the MENU button and select PREFERENCES > LANGUAGE OPTIONS > SUBTITLES and indicate your preference using the righ/left arrow buttons, then press the EXIT button.