How can I upgrade my i-CAN 2850ST ?

To upgrade your 2850ST receiver (and only this one), just follow these quick steps:
STEP 1: click on this link and save the file named “tiv2850st_v33.dwn” on a USB key. Please do not change the name of the file.
STEP 2: While in normal operation mode (watching TV), plug the USB key into the USB connector located on the rear panel of your receiver.
STEP 3: STB will display a popup asking if you agree to upgrade the software. Please press “OK” and the software upgrade operation will run automatically.
STEP 4: Once software upgrade operation is completed and the STB reboots to normal operation, a “what’s new” message will appear. Then you can unplug the USB key and enjoy your favorite programs, or leave it plugged to take advantage of the Pause TV feature.