What is Pause TV?

Thanks to “Pause TV”, you can pause a program, have a several-minute break and resume watching without missing a single second.To be able to use the “Pause TV” functionality choose an appropriate USB Memory Stick (at least 1GB) and plug it on the back panel of your decoder. Then, the formatting process of the USB Memory Stick starts. It may last several seconds. If your USB Memory Stick proves to be too slow, you can still use it but the quality of playback may not be satisfactory.

Once the Memory Stick has been prepared, press >/II to activate Pause TV (recording). To resume watching press >/II . You can also pause, fast-forward, rewind within the recorded content (see Remote Control).Time of “Pause” mode depends on the capacity of your USB Memory Stick and the broadcast quality.When “Pause TV” is turned off by pressing “EXIT” or on channel change, the whole recorded content is lost.